About Lunchbox Doctor


Hi, my name is Jenny Tschiesche BSc(Hons) Dip(ION) FdSc BANT. Welcome to Lunchbox Doctor.

When my daughter started attending primary school I realized very quickly that the typical lunchboxes packed for children were far below the required nutritional standards for health, let alone optimal health. The white bread sandwich, sugary yogurt, chocolate bar/biscuit and deep fried potato snack lacked the vital nutrients our children need. It certainly didn’t feel right to be providing those kinds of foods at such a critical point in their school day. So I started combining my nutrition knowledge with creating recipes and tips to share online with other parents going through the same issues.

Kids and ISince then I’ve been involved in various national and regional TV and Radio shows, as the UK’s Leading Lunchbox Nutrition Expert, including GMTV, Sky News, BBC News 24, BBC Radio 5 Live. I now work closely with schools and sports teams to produce specific nutrition information and plans. More recently I have been asked to develop recipe collections for BBC Sport, Cancer Research and Thermomix. I am also a guest nutrition presenter on QVC (the TV shopping channel).

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For more information contact jenny@lunchboxdoctor.com or to find out about Jenny’s other work go to www.jennytschiesche.com