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Jenny Tschiesche

Nutritionist and No. 1 Sunday Times Bestselling Author

Known as the Lunchbox Doctor, Jenny provides nutrition workshops to workplaces, sports clubs, and schools. She also creates delicious and nutritious recipes, and has had 5 cookbooks published to date, her latest becoming a no.1 Sunday Times bestseller.  Jenny simplifies the science behind good eating habits and through workshops and group sessions she educates using simple explanations and live recipe demonstrations. Her aim is to empower others to make the best food and drink choices to support their own health, wellbeing and to optimise performance.

Providing nutrition services - corporate wellbeing, content creation, sports nutrition and family nutrition

As the Lunchbox Doctor, Jenny provides nutrition education services to suit your company, your family or your team. She delivers a wide range of seminars, workshops and demonstrations as well as a broad range of recipes that she can share with you, to help make every day cooking easier, more time-efficient and within budget.

Content Creation

Jenny creates nutrition content for some of the leading brands both in the UK and abroad. The content she creates is designed to both educate and generate curiosity in your potential clients.

Corporate Wellbeing

Jenny runs workshops with businesses of all sizes to advocate a healthy diet.  Sharing tips and tricks for quick, easy and healthy meals and ensuring greater productivity and focus in the workplace.

Family Nutrition

Jenny is highly skilled and experienced at teaching simple and practical nutrition concepts to parents and school teachers. She can show effective ways to communicate key nutrition concepts to children.

Sports Nutrition

As a former national hockey player, Jenny knows how important it is to eat well. Her workshops, aim to support sportspeople and their families plan a healthy diet to ensure they achieve peak performance.

What our clients say about us:

"Jenny's expertise in simplifying intricate research data and conveying clear, compelling messages to our customers has been nothing short of remarkable. Her ability to distil complex nutritional information into digestible, relatable content has made a significant impact on our brand's reputation and customer trust."

Cecile Nwanze, Head Of Marketing, Nutriburst

“Jenny has been delivering nutrition workshops with SportsAid athletes and their parents for many years and is an integral workshop team member. Our athletes say it is the most valuable session of the day and Jenny's knowledge and enthusiasm makes it engaging and informative for young athletes and adults alike. She has also worked with several of our corporate partners to educate their staff and provide personal nutritional advice and plans.”

Graham Dandy, SportsAid – Partnership Manager

"One of Jenny's standout qualities is her role as an exceptional media spokesperson. Her eloquence and knowledge have not only educated the public about the importance of proper nutrition but have also effectively promoted our brand's mission."

Cécile Nwanze, Head of Marketing, Nutriburst

“This session was great, we have received excellent feedback from everyone, and they really enjoyed it.  Jenny was so engaging and obviously so knowledgeable.”

Andrea Gordon, Director of HR, LLC

Introducing Budget Air Fryer Cookbook


Following on from Jenny’s 2022 Sunday Times no.1 bestselling Air Fryer Cookbook, she has just released Budget Air Fryer Cookbook.
Available 29th August 2023

Other Cookbooks by Jenny

All of Jenny’s cookbooks are aimed at those who lead a busy life but wish to provide healthy, nutritious and cost-effective meals for themselves or their families.

Latest from the Blog

Through these informative blogs Jenny would like to share some of the science behind food and how it impacts us both in performance (in the sports field) or productivity in the workplace.

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Latest Recipes

In order to help you build a more nutritious diet, Jenny would like to share some of her favourite quick and easy recipes.  Feel free to comment and let her know how you get on!

Air Fryer GranolaA simple base recipe for granola, quickly and easily prepared in your air fryer.