Jenny Tschiesche, Nutrition Expert, Nutritionist based in Berkshire

Jenny Tschiesche

Nutrition Expert

Educating those working in schools, the workplace and elite sportspeople to adopt a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

Known as the Lunchbox Doctor, Jenny is passionate about educating families, schools, those in the workplace and elite sportspeople to eat healthy and nutritious meals to fuel their bodies.  She aims to simplify the science behind good eating habits and through workshops and group sessions she educates using simple explanations and providing easy recommendations to promote healthy, economical and nutritious meals.

Covid-19 Update

Thank you for your continued support and to so many of my clients who have been very happy for me to provide webinars rather than workshops and video food demonstrations rather than in-person demonstrations.

So successful have these been that I am now able to offer an even greater range of webinars and food demonstrations to businesses, schools and sports teams online, covering a variety of topics including:

  • Strengthening Your Immune System
  • Improving Sleep
  • Mood and Food
  • Optimising Energy
  • Incorporating Plant-Based Meals For Health
  • Fuelling Exercise Through Optimum Nutrition
  • Gut Health Optimisation

If you would like support in keeping your work teams, pupils or sports teams healthy and motivated at this time, please get in touch.

Stay Well

Providing nutrition education services for families, schools, those in the workplace and elite sports people.

As the Lunchbox Doctor, Jenny provides nutrition education services to suit your company, your family or your team. She delivers a wide range of seminars, workshops and demonstrations as well as a broad range of recipes that she can share with you, to help make every day cooking easier, more time-efficient and within budget.

Family Nutrition

Jenny is highly skilled and experienced at teaching simple and practical nutrition concepts to parents and school teachers. She can show effective ways to communicate key nutrition concepts to children.

Sports Nutrition

As a former national hockey player, Jenny knows how important it is to eat well.  In her workshops, she aims to support elite sportspeople and their families to plan a healthy diet to ensure they achieve peak performance.

Corporate Nutrition

Jenny runs workshops with businesses of all sizes to advocate a healthy diet.  Sharing tips and tricks for quick, easy and healthy meals and ensuring greater productivity and focus in the workplace.

What our clients say about us:

“This session was great, we have received excellent feedback from everyone, and they really enjoyed it.  Jenny was so engaging and obviously so knowledgeable.”

Andrea Gordon, Director of HR, LLC

“Jenny has been delivering nutrition workshops with SportsAid athletes and their parents for many years and is an integral workshop team member. Our athletes say it is the most valuable session of the day and Jenny's knowledge and enthusiasm makes it engaging and informative for young athletes and adults alike. She has also worked with several of our corporate partners to educate their staff and provide personal nutritional advice and plans.”

Graham Dandy, SportsAid – Partnership Manager

“Jenny’s help was invaluable towards helping me to successfully deal with several health issues. I found her incredibly knowledgeable but also very easy to confide in. She really helped me to find that spark of inspiration and gave me the toolkit to achieve my goals. Thank you, Jenny!”

Mrs E, Nurse, Buckinghamshire

"I was just emailing to say thank you. I am at Sir William Borlase Grammar School doing A Level PE and was asked to do a presentation on nutrition as part of the course recently. I had previously attended the talk you gave to the Borlase senior rowers and found it really helpful in researching and giving the presentation. My teacher was really pleased with the amount of detail in the presentation and I wanted to say how grateful I am for you coming in and speaking to us."   

SWBGS Rower.

Cookbooks by Jenny

Jenny has just released her latest cookbook “Real Lunchtime Food”.  All of Jenny’s cookbooks are aimed at those who lead a busy life, but wish to provide healthy, nutritious and cost-effective meals for themselves or their families.

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Latest Recipes

In order to help you build a more nutritious diet, Jenny would like to share some of her favourite quick and easy recipes.  Feel free to comment and let her know how you get on!