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In the healthy food blog Jenny will share information about what is happening in the nutrition industry; and tips to help you prepare easy, healthy meals and nutritious snacks for all.  The blogs have been divided into categories below for ease of use – Happy Cooking!

Happy Tummies Means Happy Eaters

By Jenny Tschiesche | 15th September 2016

Probiotics and Fussy Eating? Is your child a fussy or picky eater? Have you ever thought about how his or her gut bacteria may be…

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How To Calculate Added Sugars?

By Jenny Tschiesche | 12th September 2016

It’s not easy to try and work out how much sugar has been added* to your children’s favourite food.  Some say it is not even…

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5 Ways to make packed lunches less of a chore

By Jenny Tschiesche | 7th September 2016

With the new term now underway I am sure you are already fed up with the tedium of packed lunches. They can become a real…

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Lunchbox Bingo – How To Get The Kids To Choose Healthy Lunches

By Jenny Tschiesche | 7th September 2016

As someone who specializes in lunchboxes I really wanted to find a way of getting my own children both involved in and empowered by the…

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What I have learnt as a parent and nutrition expert.

By Jenny Tschiesche | 6th September 2016

What’s changed so much since our parents were children? Well, there is so much more food available now and far more choice. Treats and snacks…

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Challenge Your Breakfastations (your breakfast expectations/preconceptions)

By Jenny Tschiesche | 2nd August 2016

These days breakfast appears to be the meal that requires the least time to prepare and the least time to eat. It probably gets given…

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Food Fussiness In Phases – A Personal Story

By Jenny Tschiesche | 23rd May 2016

How many of you have had times when your child would eat quite a variety of foods then times when they seem to want only…

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What’s the Low Down On Dried Fruit?

By Jenny Tschiesche | 13th May 2016

Dried fruit has waxed and waned in terms of its popularity over the years. Once upon a time it seemed perfectly acceptable to give a…

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