Healthy Food Blog

In the healthy food blog Jenny will share information about what is happening in the nutrition industry; and tips to help you prepare easy, healthy meals and nutritious snacks for all.  The blogs have been divided into categories below for ease of use – Happy Cooking!

Living with a Gluten-Free Child

By Jenny Tschiesche | 1st December 2019

Do you live with a gluten free child? Is this something you have experienced for some time or is it something new? Although I have…

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Eating Seasonally

By Jenny Tschiesche | 15th November 2019

Before I start harping on about the health benefits of eating seasonally let me say just this – it is not always possible to eat…

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Former Olympian on Inspiring Her Own Children

By Jenny Tschiesche | 26th April 2019

This blog post is written by Anna Hemmings MBE, 2 time Olympian and 6 time world champion as well as Britain’s most successful female kayaker.…

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Bedwetting and Nutrition

By Jenny Tschiesche | 7th March 2019

Bedwetting can be incredibly distressing for both the child and the parent. Yet it is a common problem and thousands of children suffer every night.…

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Mummy, where does our meat actually come from?

By Jenny Tschiesche | 25th February 2019

They had never asked before and so I never thought to tell them, other than that I liked to choose the best quality meat we…

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How Cluttered Is Your Kitchen?

By Jenny Tschiesche | 22nd February 2019

This guest blog was created by Jo Hall from Less is More.  Here you will find some incredibly useful hints and tips about creating and keeping a clutter free kitchen. I’ve already made a few tweaks that make my kitchen feel like a much happier and calmer place to be.

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Teenage Skin – Foods To Consider

By Jenny Tschiesche | 14th February 2019

Introduction Your skin is part of your immune system. Not only is it a barrier to bad bugs and bacteria, it also holds a lot…

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Don't count calories!

By Jenny Tschiesche | 14th January 2019

If there is one thing that angers me it’s the continued focus on calorie-counting. It’s in the media constantly, on TV adverts for foods, and now even our children are being urged by Public Health England to seek out snacks under 100kcal with a catchy tune that even my son, who knows better, is singing!

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