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In the healthy food blog Jenny will share information about what is happening in the nutrition industry; and tips to help you prepare easy, healthy meals and nutritious snacks for all.  The blogs have been divided into categories below for ease of use – Happy Cooking!

Instant Pot Love!

By Jenny Tschiesche | 19th March 2018

As you know I am a fully qualified nutritional therapist. I also have an absolute passion for food so I am always looking for quick…

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Why Breakfast Is Important

By Jenny Tschiesche | 6th March 2018

WHY IS A HEALTHY BREAKFAST SO IMPORTANT? BECAUSE IT….. Provides sustained energy for the morning ahead. It replenishes the glucose levels which have been depleted…

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How Much Caffeine?

By Jenny Tschiesche | 25th January 2018

There’s been a lot of focus on energy drinks in the press lately and that is partly because they continue to be targeted at children.…

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Omegas Are Essential

By Jenny Tschiesche | 25th January 2018

The word ‘essential’ in nutrition means a nutrient that our body needs but does not make itself. The two most commonly used examples are essential…

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What are prebiotic foods and why are they good for tummies?

By Jenny Tschiesche | 23rd January 2018

We have been told for a very long time now that fibre is good for us. That’s one of the many reasons we are encouraged…

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Top Ten After School Snacks

By Jenny Tschiesche | 19th January 2018

Who has a child who comes out of school ravenous? When we put ourselves in their shoes it is hardly surprising they’re hungry at that…

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Moody kids – is it something they ate?

By Jenny Tschiesche | 9th January 2018

If your child suffers with irregular moods, if they sometimes seem calm and at other times angry, if they suffer from low moods and bouts…

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Reducing Plastic Waste in the Lunchbox

By Jenny Tschiesche | 12th December 2017

If your child’s lunchbox is full of disposable plastic containers and sandwich bags, it’s time to make a change. The UK alone produces more than…

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