Breakfast Without Cereal

There are so many breakfast cereals targeted at children and so many adverts for these cereals on the TV, online and in mainstream advertising too. If you were a Martian landing on Earth for the first time and you didn’t know what breakfast was you might think that breakfast cereal WAS breakfast. There are so many other options though. I’ve collected my thoughts around alternative and healthier breakfasts and I’ve added some links for you where recipes might help. I hope you find this useful.

Oats –

Eggs –

  • Poached
  • Boiled
  • Fried in coconut oil, butter or ghee
  • Frittata
  • Omelette
  • Grain Free Pancakes

Yogurt/Kefir –

  • Fruit compote and yogurt with nuts/seeds
  • Granola and yogurt
  • Yogurt, honey and fresh fruit
  • Kefir with compote and seeds/nuts
  • Kefir with granola
  • Yogurt/kefir smoothie with fruit and water or milk

Pancakes –

Smoothies/Shakes –

The important rules here are not to make it too sweet and to ensure you have some protein and fat in each smoothie or shake otherwise the result will be a happy and energetic child for the first hour of the day then a hungry  or even ‘hangry’ child after that!

Added protein sources:

  • Good quality protein powder
  • Yogurt (natural) or Kefir
  • Nuts/seeds or nut/seed butters

I hope you’ve enjoyed and even made use of these alternatives. It helps to try and think outside of the cereal box!

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