Healthier Convenience Foods

As time-poor parents we often want suitable quick wins. We want pre-packaged food that isn’t highly processed and that may actually provide some nutritional value. I’ll be honest most foods that fall into this category come at a price but that is a price worth paying for the convenience from time to time.

Here I outline my favourite types of healthier convenience food and where to get it.

Coconut Chips

These are the tastiest ones we have tried. They’re conveniently individually packaged too. From Coconut Merchant via Amazon.

Kale Chips

Try these from Daylesford via Ocado –  A little on the expensive side, especially when you consider how much they cost to make but still the point of this blog is convenience!

Vegetable Chips

Try these sweet potato Kettle Chips via Ocado – No added sugar, unlike some brands. Yes, it would be cheaper and healthier to dehydrate or bake your own but then these are so convenient.

However, if you want an even healthier convenient option then try these vacuum fried vegetable crisps from Snack Garden via Amazon


Small Packs of Olives by Crespo via Amazon – my kids love these and they are so useful to take on days out or put in the lunchbox as they do not need to be kept cool and there’s no excess oil so less mess.

Dried Fruit

Bear Yo Yo’s via Amazon

Dried Fruit Leather by Fruitina via Amazon

Dried Apple Rings  from any health food store or via Amazon

‘Cereal’ Bars

Decent ‘cereal’ bars from Pulsin via Amazon 

Nak’d Bars – The cheapest place to buy a mix of flavours is via CostCo but Amazon do multipacks of one flavour which brings the price down from the individually priced bars in shops.

Seaweed Thins

Itsu is the purest brand –You can buy in bulk from Amazon

These are the snacks that we have found useful. Do let me know if there are others that you have found useful for your kids.

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