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Do you ever struggle to find a decent gluten free pasta? So many of those available in the shops are made up of simple, refined carbohydrates. What we know is that those kinds of gluten free pastas do not provide sustained energy. They’re only really a temporary fix. If you want to replace pasta with gluten free but want to ensure that the pasta you choose is nutritionally sound then I highly recommend these pasta’s from Nomad Health. They’re all gluten free but made from wholefoods such as millet, green banana or sesame seeds. The variety is incredible. We have tried several of their pasta’s and have certainly not been disappointed with any of them.

Price – At between £3.50-£4.50 per 200g bag I feel these are really reasonably priced when you consider the quality and nutrient density. Also see below regarding portion sizing.

Texture and Taste – these pasta’s have the most incredible texture. Some have a nutty taste whilst others more of a buttery taste. You must follow the guidelines for cooking to get the right texture though. Cook too long and they may break up.

Portion Size – One thing most non-Italians do is eat too large a portion of pasta in one sitting. In fact pasta is typically a starter in Italy and we should treat it that way too. When preparing a pasta dish for your child think about serving up a dish made up of a portion of pasta which is equivalent to the size of their clenched fist and no bigger. I find this works really well for my two children.

Product Range – The range of artisan pastas from Nomad include: millet, quinoa, sorghum, flaxseed, green banana and sesame seed. That means there’s pastas to suit grain free, gluten free and paleo eating plans.

Nutritional Advantage – From the perspective of a nutritional therapist and mum I like these pasta’s because they provide more sustained energy for children in their lunches. Individual pastas in the range will provide specific nutritional benefits such as the prebiotic boost to gut health provided by the green banana pasta or the high fibre content of the flaxseed pasta.

I am so pleased to have been recommended these pastas and if you, like me, want more nutritious gluten free pastas for your children (or your family) then these are fantastic!

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