Cookbooks by Jenny

Jenny is a renowned author and has just released her latest book “Real Lunchtime Food”.  She is delighted to share below a little bit about all of her books – she would love to hear what you think!

Real Lunchtime Food

In Jenny’s latest book she introduces you to an alternative approach to preparing the lunchtime meal.  A perfect guide for working adults and parents who want healthier, more inspiring meals for themselves and their children, also being mindful of budgets.  Containing delicious and simple recipes with practical advice, this book will to put you back in control of lunchtime.

The Modern Multi-Cooker Cookbook

For those living active busy lives this cookbook is a time saver.  Using a multifunctional electric cooker this recipe book will provide you with some great recipe ideas that will revolutionise the way you prepare family meals.  Through the combination of steam and pressure cooks food fast, making everything perfectly cooked in a flash.

Sheet Pan Cooking

In Jenny’s book “Sheet Pan Cooking” she shows you just how simple a step it is to take to create colourful, diverse tray bakes. From an All-in-one Breakfast to a Grain-free Tomato Spaghetti Bake, these are the sorts of recipes that the whole family will enjoy, making it possible, finally, to sit down together for a meal regularly.

Gut Health & Probiotics - The Science Behind the Hype

A simplified explanation of probiotics and what they can do for and to the human body is long overdue. Despite the fact that people use the term probiotics a lot in the media as well as in everyday life there appears to be some confusion as to whether probiotics are something that occurs naturally in a healthy human gut or 'biome', something that is added to your yogurt or whether it's simply a pot of pills that you need to take when you're ill. Gut Health and Probiotics will take readers on a quest to understand what both probiotics and prebiotics can do for their long term gut health and how this might affect a broad range of body systems from skin health to mental health. Along the way readers will discover how useful probiotics are in both preventing and curing specific ailments, as Jenny explains just how simple it is to feel great from the inside-out.