Air Fryer Miso Mushrooms on Avocado Toast


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A quick umami-rich air fryer meal using the combined flavours of miso paste with soy sauce and some oil to bring out the delicious richness of chestnut mushrooms. Ideal served on avocado toast to provide a creamy, buttery contrast to the umami-mushrooms.

 20 g miso paste
 20 ml soy sauce (tamari)
 20 ml oil e.g. avocado
 75 g sliced chestnut mushrooms
 1 avocado, smashed
 1 slice of sourdough, toasted


combine the miso paste, soy sauce and oil in a ramekin


place the mushrooms in an air fryer suitable dish (one that fits your air fryer)


pour over the miso paste mixture and stir


air fry 7-8 mins 180C


serve mushrooms on avocado toast

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