Nut Free Chocolate Tiffin Balls


Yields1 ServingPrep Time15 minsCategory, Cooking Method

As a child I used to love chocolate tiffin cake. The original recipe was made with biscuits, golden syrup and margarine so I've created this real ingredient version in balls suited to lunchboxes.

 125 g Omega 3 seed mix
 20 g Cacao powder
 250 g Pitted dates
 40 g Avocado oil
 25 g Date syrup


Grind the seeds to a powder in a food processor. This may take some time depending on the power of your food processor.


Add the cacao powder to the processor and then the dates and process again.


Add the avocado oil and the date syrup then process again.


Using your hands (I tend to put on gloves at this stage to save me from brown nails!) roll the mixture into golf ball size balls then refrigerate overnight.


Place in the lunchbox the following day. One or two ought to be sufficient.

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