Nutritious recipes for all to enjoy!

Many people lead busy lives and don’t often have a lot of time to prepare meals.  At the very core of Lunchbox Doctor is the belief that everyone can eat healthy and nutritious meals and below are a collection of easy recipes for you to enjoy.

Carrot and Lentil SoupLentils are great for making simple soups more substantial. Carrot and lentil is a classic soup combination.
Nut Free Chocolate Tiffin BallsAs a child I used to love chocolate tiffin cake. The original recipe was made with biscuits, golden syrup and margarine so I've created this real ingredient version in balls suited to lunchboxes.
Soaked Oats For LunchboxesWho thinks oats are just for breakfast? Not my daughter! She's created this simple oat pudding for her lunches. All it requires is 4 minutes of your/their time the night before to prepare.