Introducing Content Creation

Jenny creates nutrition content for some of the leading brands both in the UK and abroad. She brings her creativity to bear on projects as varied as educational programs, recipe development, social media reels, short cookery shows to give you just a few examples.

With a wealth of experience creating high-quality content Jenny understands how to grab the attention of your customer base and your future customer base across multiple media formats. The content she creates is designed to both educate and generate curiosity in your potential clients. She creates appealing, yet fun and informative content to bring your brand a larger audience and a greater degree of audience engagement.

Content Creation Services


Written Blogs

The aim of Jenny’s high-quality written blogs is to help your audience best understand your product or service and how it fits into their healthy lifestyle.


Social Media Content

With increasing demand for different ways to consume content Jenny has become adept at presenting creative, delicious, and nutritious recipes using Instagram reels, short videos and even longer form videos which can be used and repurposed across multiple media channels.

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Recipe Development

Whether it is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube Jenny can deliver nutrition-based content to support your brand message in static, video or interactive live format.

Content Creation Benefits

Jenny’s style of content creation and wealth of experience in this area can bring you value and reassurance that your brand is going to reach more people by hooking them into the core messages and values related to your product or service.

Some of our content creation clients

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