Introducing Child Nutrition

Growing children have higher energy and nutrient requirements for their body size compared to adults. However, they can also exert strong emotional responses to food and increasingly present with food aversions as well as allergies and intolerances.  As a nutrition expert, Jenny can advise parents and education professionals on how to plan healthy family meals, that encourage children to eat a varied diet, ensuring they obtain all the necessary nutrients for good health and growth.

Child Nutrition Services in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire & London

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Teach the Teacher – Child Nutrition Workshops

Training educational professionals including Head Teachers, Teachers and Teaching Assistants how to teach nutrition in schools is a passion for Jenny. She has worked with 100’s of educational professionals to facilitate better nutrition education in schools. These train-the-trainer style workshops tend to run over the course of a half day but this can be adapted to reflect the number of staff attending.


Nutrition Workshops for Parents

Jenny offers a range of parent workshops depending upon the child’s age:  The Early Years (toddlers and pre-school children), Developing Palates (ages 6-10), The Tween Years (ages 9-13), Teens and Twenties (ages 14-20’s). These workshops address the most common problem areas associated with each age group, including fussy or picky eating, peer pressure, the power of social media and meeting nutritional requirements for a growing and changing body. These workshops run over the course of 90-minutes.


Educational Material for Nutrition in Schools

Jenny has created a range of educational materials to help schools educate children in nutrition and diet. From interactive games to simple recipes which are easy for children to create within the a school setting.  All material is aimed at sparking an intrigue and fascination with how nutrition makes the body work better.

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Family nutritionist testimonials

“I love using Jenny’s recipes for my family because they are simple, nutritious and always extremely delicious.”

Amy Sheward

“Thanks for today – thought you might like to know, it has had instant impact..Oscar got straight onto the computer searching for recipes as soon we got home and now there’s a tray of healthy flapjacks in the oven – with plenty of dried fruit, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, walnuts and just a little bit of chocolate.”

John Hall

“Made your Pizza Chicken Nuggets for the family tonight - amazing! My 4 year old declared it to be ‘The best tea ever' and begged me to promise we could have it again. My 16 month old happily munched his way through them and the hubby enjoyed them too - winner all round, thank you!”

Susanna Panayiodou, Crumbs On The Carpet

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