Colloidal Silver In Our Skincare Products

For years now we have used colloidal silver based skincare products but also to treat wounds and skin infections. Here I explain why.

The earliest recorded use of silver as a medical treatment dates back to the Han Dynasty in China, 1500 BC. It has been used since then as an all-purpose remedy for various infections and illnesses due to its antimicrobial properties.

Not only does colloidal silver have antibacterial properties. It also works as an antiseptic, which is why you see it placed on wounds and used topically as well as orally. Research suggests that it works by attaching to proteins in the cell walls of bacteria, damaging their cell membranes. This allows silver ions to pass into bacterial cells where they interfere with metabolic processes and damage DNA of unwanted bacterial infections leading to the cell death. Silver is also thought to interfere with proteins found within viruses which may prevent the virus replicating. Research suggests that the effects of colloidal silver vary depending on the size and shape of the particles of silver as well as their concentration in a solution. So what you pay for tends to be what you get in terms of quality.

As a family, we have been using colloidal silver for over a decade. When the kids were younger, I would use colloidal silver spray on anything from cuts and abrasions through to molluscum (a virus that comes with a skin rash that looks like lots of bumps under the skin and which both suffered from briefly). For the past 4 years, my daughter and I have been using colloidal silver in our skincare as well. With so many additives in many skincare products, I’ve always sought out products that protect the natural flora of the skin but also can help reduce any inflammation and that’s how we’ve landed on the colloidal silver in our skincare.

Both of my children as they have entered their teens have been slightly more prone to very small pimples. We have tried to use colloidal silver products religiously on these areas, though being teenagers they have needed some reminders. Anti-bacterial properties help to combat the blemishes and they calm the skin with an anti-inflammatory action. The company that we use for moisturisers – Active Silver – have recently come out with serums and face washes, which are incredibly useful for teenage skin. If you would like to try They’re offering 10% off with discount code LBD10 until the end of July. 

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