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In the healthy food blog Jenny will share information about what is happening in the nutrition industry; and tips to help you prepare easy, healthy meals and nutritious snacks for all.  The blogs have been divided into categories below for ease of use – Happy Cooking!

Colloidal Silver In Our Skincare Products

By Jenny Tschiesche | 19th June 2023

For years now we have used colloidal silver based skincare products but also to treat wounds and skin infections. Here I explain why. The earliest…

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Benefits of Bone Broth

By Jenny Tschiesche | 24th May 2023

What is bone broth? It’s a clear, protein, rich broth, which results from simmering meaty bones for a long period of time. Just like a…

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Creatine – is it safe for adolescents?

By Jenny Tschiesche | 18th April 2023

If you have a sporty teenage son you may well have heard them talking about a nutritional supplement called creatine. It is hugely popular amongst…

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Foods For Exams

By Jenny Tschiesche | 17th April 2023

Here in the UK, the all-important end-of-year exams and, for some, end-of-school exams are about to begin in the next few weeks. What your teenager…

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Good food but at lower prices

By Jenny Tschiesche | 23rd May 2022

With fuel prices rising, the cost of food rising and inflation rising what can we all do to keep the cost of our food bills…

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Things to consider when buying an air fryer

By Jenny Tschiesche | 4th May 2022

how to choose an air fryer?

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